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This blog is about detective policing in London during the Victorian period. It is a forum for me to blog about my research, which focuses on Scotland Yard’s Detective Department between 1842 and 1878.

I am particularly interested in public opinion about the use of undercover police in England, the work such detectives undertook for the Home Office and the relationship between detectives in the ‘new police’ to their predecessors, the Bow Street Runners. More broadly, I will also be writing about topics related to my thesis research, such as the theory and practice of undercover policing, the investigation of murder and policing more generally.

I have a PhD from The University of Western Ontario in Canada. My thesis is entitled: “Detective Policing and the State in Nineteenth-Century England: The Detective Department of the London Metropolitan Police, 1842-1878.”

Email: rachaelanngriffin@gmail.com

Twitter: @rachaelanngriff

Web: http://uwo.academia.edu/RachaelGriffin (CV available here)

*Please do not reproduce the content of this blog in print or any other media without permission of the author (reblogs excepted).


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  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m going to do an independent studies class on the history of Victorian detective fiction and may carry it through to my master’s thesis. Good luck on your thesis, Rachel!

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